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Louisiana Genealogy, by M.W.Talbot

Rembering from Whence we came

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The genealogy subjects of this site range from selected ordinary people to celebrities to European royalty and some Victorian militaria.  Historical paper
soldiers for the kids, regardless of age are available on a few of the pages.
There are over 90 pages currently available, on this site.  Click on one of the blue button topics
at left to begin viewing them.  Click on "Genealogy", "Royalty Links" or "Celebrity Genes" at
the left, to see lists of the related genealogy pages.  More are to come.


The web-pages are works in progress.  This site should not be viewed as an authority on
the families or persons covered.  Rather, it should be used to  guide and augment your
own research. 
Due to many constraints on our time, we cannot provide references for any individual person,
family or event.  Otherwise, we will help if we can.  We solicit your questions and comments.
The genealogy charts were generated using "The Master Genealogist" (TMG) program. 
Some hand editing and augmentation were performed on the charts using the TMG standard
companion program "Visual Chart Form" (VCF). 
The Victorian Era style Military Artifacts and Uniforms.section is new and growing.
We hope that you enjoy your visit as much as we enjoyed preparing the way.
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 PS: You may download the charts and images at this site for your private use and share them with relatives and friends.  See About Us. for copyright.
To plagiarize the Gen. Bernardo de Galvez motto:
                       "Yo solo." - I alone (am responsible for the content, herein). 


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