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Louisiana Genealogy, by M.W.Talbot

Rembering from Whence we came

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Louis Andre Talbot                                                                                                                                       This page was last modified on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 8:14:41 PM
The first chart on this page shows the first 4 generations of Acadian Talbot descendants in Louisiana.
The parents and details of Nicolas Talbot and Marguerite Aubry are from research in France by Gerard Scavennec.  For more generations of descendants in pdf report format, click here.  A goal is to find pictures and identify all descendants of Louis Andre Talbot.  Details about living descendants will never be displayed here.  If you are a descendant of Louis Andre Talbot, please let us know the path, click on contact us.  Contact will be mutually beneficial.
The second chart shows the Douville ancestors of the Talbot family.  The Douville were also the ancestors of the celebrated actor, Charles Coburn.  The early Douville data were also provided by Gerard Scavennec.
The third chart shows the ancestors of Rosalie Dugas, the matriarch in Louisiana of all Acadian Talbots.
The next charts show Louis Andre Talbot and an 8 generations overview of Louisiana Talbot ancestors.
Those two charts include new, Feb 2010, data by Gerard Scavennec from Archives Dept. de la Meuse. 
After decades of uncertainty on the origin of the Acadian Talbot surname (Normandie?, Paris?, Lorraine?),
Mr. Scavennec has solved the mystery.  Louis Charles Talbot and 3 generations of his known ancestors 
lived in Maulan, Lingy-en-Barrois, Lorraine. Lorraine was still in the Holy Roman Empire when Louis Charles       A Talbot Hunting Dog
Talbot emmigrated to Ile St.Jean, Acadie, ca.1732.  Lorraine became a part of France in 1766.  See map at        as pictured in heraldry,
the bottom of this page.  Maulan is now in the La Meuse.  There are still Talbot cousins living there.     extinct ancestor of Mastiffs.
                                                                                                                                                             Origin of the dog is very ancient.
Much of the research linking our Louisiana Talbot family to the Acadian Ile St,Jean Talbot family was
conducted by Konrad Talbot of Baton Rouge, Eileen Talbot Bosworth of New Orleans and Raymond
Thomas Talbot of Franklin, LA around 30 years ago..
Note: There are also a small number of unrelated, non-Acadian Talbot families in Louisiana. 
Near the end of this page are scanned signatures of ancestors, Louis Andre Talbot, Marie Louise Talbot, Andre
Lafitte, Louis Charles Talbot, Gabriel Roge and marques of Marie Francoise Douville and Rosalie Dugas.
A good article on the history of the Louisiana Talbot family and other families can be found on the web-site:


Click to see more on the Lewis Thomas Talbot Family.  That page includes ancestor charts of his children's



The surname Talbot derives from a now extinct ancient Norman hunting dog.  It is the ancestor of modern Mastiff

breeds. Talbot, as a surname, begins to appear around 1000 AD in Normandy and spread far and wide from there. 

For information and links to other Talbot families, world-wide, visit


The following descendant chart is in two pieces.  To download, right click near the top of the chart, download, then

repeat near the bottom of the chart.  This works with most browsers.


Note: There are many whimsical statements about the origin of the Talbot surname on the Internet.  There are no

known associations of the surname Talbot with Talbert in France or elsewhere.  The surname Talbert is extremely

rare in France, while Talbot is rather widspread there.


To see the evidence for the ancestry of Louis Andre Talbot, click here.  You may browse 4 of the original archive

records by clicking on 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 .


The first record of Louis Andre Talbot in Louisiana was his 1816 marriage in Assumption Parish.  He was later appointed Sheriff of Interior.

Lafourche Parish, LA on 15 Apr 1826.   Click for PDF version of above chart (it will be an older, smaller version).


The following chart illustrates his Douville ancestors.  See upper right corner of above descendant chart.  Data on the early Douvilles in Normandie

was researched by Gerard Scavennec in France.



Charles Coburn was the 4th cousin (n times removed, depending on generation) of the living descendants of Louis Andre Talbot,

Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell gave a birthday party for Charles Coburn each year after their 1953 movie appearance, together.

Coburn is a great grandson of Revolutionary War naval hero, Capt. Pierre Douville, a grand uncle of the Louisiana Talbot family.

Link to Coburn page








Louisiana Talbot Matriarch, Rosalie Dugas

There are no known illegitimate children of Louis Andre Talbot.  But, if any are found, it will not be a great surprise.


Overview of Louisiana Talbot ancestors

                   5 generations followed by 8 generations overview chart,

                    includes new data discovered by Gerard Scavennec.




 In the third generation of Louisiana Talbots, 6 children of Louis Joseph Talbot married 6 children of Joachim Mire.  See the following chart:


The city of Bar-le-Duc, Lorraine (Lotharingia) is a little over 100 miles due east

of Paris and is located near the upper left corner of the map, below.

  The Talbot home of Maulan en Barrois is about 8 miles toward the center

of map just SE of Ligny-en-Barrois on route N4.  There are Talbot descendants

still living there.

  The Aubry home of Juvigny-en-Perthois is about 7 miles from Maulan

near the lower left corner of the map.                                                                         Arms of the comtes de Bar-le-Duc.  The fish charge is a Bar.



The group has been engaged in seeking pictures and data of all descendants of the Acadian Louis Andre Talbot Family since early 2010.  If you have

Acadian Talbot of Louisiana ancestors, we can help with your genealogy.  We have far more data than can be shown here.


 If you are a descendant of Louis Andre Talbot, please contact us.  Your information will not appear in public, but will be a treasure to future generations.  We have a large amount

of family data and pictures and can help you with your genealogical quests.





A personal plea:  My Dad, Douglas Lewis Talbot, had 2 children that I know nothing about.  His other children that I do know are Brenda, Jon, Patricia, Jimmy and Douglas Jr.  Dad was born 2 Dec 1915 in Franklin, Louisiana, served in the Army Tank Corps in the Pacific Theater during WWII and the occupation of Japan until 1947. Afterwards, he is known to have resided in Chicago, New Orleans, Franklin, LA and the Hahnville-Luling, LA area.  He is buried in the family plot in Franklin, LA.  If you have any information or clues to the identity of my two long lost siblings, please contact me.  I would dearly love know about them.  They would have been born somehere around 1943 to 1975.  At right is Dad's picture ca.1944, He was 5 ft.6 in.tall, with black wavy hair, dark blue eyes. 
Thank you. 
Mike Talbot
On 11 Sep 2001, the world was deprived of the smiling face of Phyllis Rozas Talbot
and over 3000 others.  Let us never forget the monsters that murdered them and their
evil supporters and apologists.  If you know the identity of Randy Talbot's parents, in
the above chart,please .contact us