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Louisiana Genealogy, by M.W.Talbot

Rembering from Whence we came

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Gregoire Michel Rousseau de Villejoin came to Louisiana during the terror in St.Domingue.  He married a Louisiana
native in St.Martinville and eventually became the first sheriff of American Lafayette Parish.  His descendants went by
the surname, Villejoin or Villejouin.
The Villejoin are descendants of French Colonial military families including de Gannes, LeNeuf and Denys.  Since Gregoire and his mom
were born in colonial St.Domingue, he can be considered Creole.  His father and a grandmother were born in Acadia, so he
is also Acadian.
The Rousseau de Villejoin have some distant royal ancestors.  They include Kings Louis VI of France, Henry I of England and
Alphonso VIII de Castile of Spain.  For a PDF format ancestor report connecting him to kings click here.