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Louisiana Genealogy, by M.W.Talbot

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Gen. George Smith Patton Jr., descendants.

When George S. Patton, Jr. graduated from West Point in 1909, he selected the cavalry for

his service. This was to prove a momentous decision.  As a cavalryman, he commanded a tank

unit in France during WWI. There, he began envisioning and working on the armored tactics and

strategies to be used in the future.

During WWII, Gen. Patton’s troops liberated more territory and suffered far fewer casualties per

casualties inflicted on the enemy than those of any other Allied commander.  See the page on Patton's ancestors.


See PDF version of this chart.  An 18th cousin, once removed.


For paper soldiers, click here.

George S. Patton Family

Patton Wedding 1910                                                            Patton 1908