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Louisiana Genealogy, by M.W.Talbot

Rembering from Whence we came

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Marie Laveau was, perhaps, the most famous citizen of old New Orleans.
After much time and effort, I have put researching her aside, temporarily.
The problem, too much information, most of it conflicting.  This page presents
what I had, when confusion and frustration caused me to take a break. Maybe
it will help someone else to a more confident solution.
These are the data points that were the most consistant:
  .There were 2 Marie Laveau's. mother and daughter
  .They had a remarkable resemblance to each other
  .Mother was devoutly religious and practiced healing arts of the mind and body
  ,Daughter was hedonistic and also practiced the dark side of vodoo.
  .There were free blacks, but no slaves in their ancestry.
  ,The mother has descendants via her son, Celestin, a branch of the Glapion family.
Some insist that Marie Laveau had some St.Domingue (Haiti) ancestors.  I have found
no evidence of this, but cannot totally reject the possibility.  Mother, Marguerite
Darcantel's ancestry is only sparsely known. 
A possibility for the ancestry of Marie Laveau and her daughter follows.  Mrs. LaRita
Reynes has pointed out data suggesting that my original charts be revised.  It should
be regarded as a possible theory.  The original charts are retained for their comments,
pictures and presented after the following theory.  Those charts are far less likely than
the one revised with Mrs. Reynes excellent observations. 
Data in these Laveau charts are unverified and are believed to contain errors.
They are intended as a guide to your own research and as a tribute to the
admirable elder Marie Laveau. 
Two charts follow, view them with a pinch of salt.  The first chart begins with
Marie Laveau, the daughter:  The second chart begins with the elder Marie.

 A chart on mama Marie Laveau, shows another generation and provides more space for comments. 

The references given, mostly apply to the French ancestors.